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Pure&Simple prayer shawls


“Instruct the Israelite people . . . to make fringes in the corners of their garments throughout their generations.  Look at the fringe and recall all the commandments . . . to be holy to your God.” (Numbers 15:38-40)

This tallit is made from rectangle of fabric into which is inserted a triangular gusset in a contrasting fabric to distinguish it from the original four corners. The back is several inches shorter than the front so that the wearer is not sitting on the tzitzit, yet has a modest and flattering front covering.

There is an opportunity for the wearer to add personally meaningful motifs in the corners or collar area.


The positive response on both religious and aesthetic grounds from many women has been gratifying.They understand that this garment fulfills the original Biblical purpose of tzitzit and appreciate that the style is specifically for a female body.

→ L: some of many designer fabrics used in this series.  Many others are available.  Orders for bespoke Pure&Simple tallitot are welcome. Tamar Havilio, Head of Cantorial Studies and Senior Cantor at Hebrew Union College (Jerusalem campus).

 ⊕ Various fabrics and embellishments

⊗ Appliqué, construction, beading