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“Women’s textiles” series of mezuzah cases

2000 – PRESENT

Being a textile artist, it is natural to think of wrapping or enfolding. Just as a mother hugs her child, this mezuzah case embraces the klaf figuratively and literally. The idea for this series comes from the experience of wrapping my tallit (prayer shawl) around my daughter during prayer service, and the awareness that wrapping the mezuzah klaf (parchment scroll), teaching our children, and creating spiritual space are related mitzvot (commandments)

This ongoing series is inspired by textiles that women create in various parts of the world. Those shown in the upper image are: [left] Log Cabin quilt[centre] Yemenite girl’s festival leggings[right] Susani embroidery typically created by three generations of Bukharan women as part of a dowry.

Each design has a shin of 14-carat gold beads in the upper right. The beaded panel wraps around a rubber-stoppered glass tube to protect the klaf. They will withstand outdoor use.

Some are available for purchase, or they may be commissioned.  Each comes in a cloth bag in keeping with its ethnic tradition, and with the story and a photo of the work that inspired it.


⊕ Various beads; hand-wrought copper staves

⊗ Woven and constructed

Dimensions vary.

↔ 5 cm / 2″

⊥ 23 cm / 9″

⌊ 2.5 cm / 1″

Copper staves: James Maxwell

↑ Photo: Paul Kay